Our Vermont Tree Nursery – Fall Planting Time

Welcome to our nursery. There is a false perception in the gardening world that fall is the end of the growing season. In fact, it is quite the contrary. Fall is an ideal season for planting trees, shrubs and other assorted plants. The key is encouraging good root growth. Planting trees and shrubs in fall enables the root systems to grow before the hot summer returns. Here in our Vermont nursery mid September through early November is the ideal time for tree and shrub planting because it allows the roots to become established before the ground freezes and winter sets in. If you are looking to get a jump on spring then plant this fall. Vermont native trees and shrubs as well as cultivars can be found here at Miller Hill Farm Native Tree Nursery

Early fall planting season will soon be here at the nursery and at your home!

Check out Fine Gardening article on spring & fall perennial planting @


$10 perennials – 3 for $25 & we pay the tax.

$10 perennials – 3 for $25 & we pay the tax.     Looks like another beautiful weekend. All perennials $10 unless marked(only peonies & bergenia are marked).
The SHADE TREE SALE is ramping up so ask about special pricing!

So we were thinking – we should celebrate with a sale but what to put on sale? There’s the donkey? – no – the dusty old tire that has been in the barn for 20 years? – no – So we’ll stick with the $10 perennials – all sizes – and this Friday and Sunday (Closed Saturday because everyone is going to the parade).

mini hHeucherageranium s.sedum

Eight year old swamp white oak at the farm

swamp white driveway

Thanks to all who have been out to support the farm. And a special thanks to Nancy Rowe for mentioning us in her June 18 article “Gorgeous gardens for gazing” in the Reporter.

Who’s thinking shade trees? We have some great deals coming up on oaks and maples.

This week’s featured plant.




Late June flowers on C. racemosa

Dear Friends,

–Now open Friday, Saturday & Sunday 10AM to 4PM

–Previously wholesale, we will open portions of the farm to the public. Each week we will have more areas ready for you to explore.                                                 –We have berry plants, trees and shrubs, perennials & ferns                            

–Check out the little shop of select antiques and other wayward items with new items coming every day.                                                                                                

–The lambs, pony and donkey are still on their winter pastures and will join us up front real soon.                                                                                                              

–Tell your friends! Bring your neighbors!  Please forward this message so everyone will know!                                                                                                           

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